Configure LIS Extension

The setup menu has two tabs:

  • Profile
  • Inventory

To properly configure the work of the LIS extension, you must go to the profile and enable the slider. Each slider activates a useful function to optimize the work with the Steam marketplace. Consider each fiction in more detail.

Tab «Profile»

«Display Steamrep»

Activating this function will allow you to see detailed information about the ban on your account, their presence or absence.

«Trade notifications (exchange offers)»

Activating this feature will allow you to receive notifications in your browser and on your mobile device, when the item you put up for sale is bought. You must go to the Steam application on your mobile device and confirm the exchange offer.


Activating this function allows you to see the items you like most in the LIS application interface, "Favorites" in the corresponding tab.

«Steam API key»

The "Steam API Key" is secret, and only you know it. It is needed for the “Favorites”, “Trade notifications (exchange offers)” and other useful LIS extension functions to work correctly.

To get the “Steam API Key”, click on the “Get Your Key” link. Copy it from Steam and paste it into the appropriate field in the LIS extension.


In the current version of the LIS extension, two languages are available for selection: Russian and English. In the English version, the extension is fully translated for maximum ease of use.

After successfully setting up the LIS extension, you will have access to the features that we will consider further.

Tab «Inventory»

Activating the settings from the “Inventory” tab will help you work more efficiently with the inventory of the Steam marketplace.

«Display Prices of all items»

The “Show prices of all items” function allows you to see the cost of items in your Steam inventory on the marketplace. Based on this information, you can conclude where the item is more expensive or cheaper.

The image below shows an example of displaying the value of an item on the marketplace.

«Purchase missing items for Set Dota 2»

Activating this feature will allow you to very quickly buy the missing Dota 2 items, which are not enough for a complete set. The names of these items are displayed as links. By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the marketplace where you can purchase the missing item.

«Display items in “trade ban»

Activating this feature will allow you to see what items in your Steam inventory are in the “trade bath”. This is very convenient, you do not need to make unnecessary clicks and scroll the page up or down.

«View items on marketplace»

Activating this function will allow you to go to the marketplace by clicking on the name of the selected item for further actions with the selected item.

Tab «News»

The news tab broadcasts interesting materials from trusted sources about CS: GO and Dota 2 cyber sports tournaments. In addition to tournaments, useful materials appear for fans of CS: GO and Dota 2 games: guides and settings etc..